1968 Plymouth Barracuda



The engine powering my 68 Barracuda is a 572\" Hemi. The engine was built by Mopar Engines West and makes right at 900hp and 750lb/ft of torque . It was built to be a reliable bracket combo not necessarily for ultimate power. Components used to build the engine include, Mopar Mega Block, Bryant crank, RBRE rods, JE pistons, Milodon oiling system, CFE oil pan, Comp Cam solid roller, Milodon Gear Drive, Stage V heads and valvegear, Indy intake(ported by Modern Cylinder Head), Holley Ultra HP Dominator, Meziere water pump, Aerospace compnents vacuum pump, Barry Grant fuel pump and a Be cool radiator. Ignition system is all MSD with a 7al3 box and matching coil.

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