KaseLift Forklift

Truck will not start?


This hardlink is a sample of a fictional forklift make and model.

Check to make sure that the clutch pedal is pushed all the way to the floor. Check that the propane cylinder is open (counter clockwise) and that it is not empty by noting the dial gauge on the end of the tank. If the truck will not crank over it may have a dead battery. If this is the case open the side panel door on the left side of the truck and connect the charger to the unit. Make sure you are wearing your saftey glasses for this service - no exceptions. If you connect the charger connect the positive lead to the battery first, then connect the negative lead to the metal frame. Then turn on the charger at a low or medium setting only. If this does not solve your problem call Bob\'s cell phone for help and for emergency call Barker Service.

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