KaseLift Forklift

Demo Information


Thank you for testing This forklift link is an example only and is no longer an active link.

If you are the user of this hardlink, you are probably one of the seasonal workers standing in front of a forklift located in the receiving department of a Waterloo Iowa retail store.

On that forklift is a model number with two slashes in front of it that indicate that this number is an active hardlink and can access database informtion about this object. The receiving department manager is the one who input the data for this hardlink. He uses physical object hyperlinks to assist his new hires when management is not be available.

The information that he loads under such numbers as this one may include who to call for service, basic instructions for changing the propane cylinder and a few SOP\'s of operation that may be helpful when management is not there at night.

This type of a hardlink is intended for a very small audience and very specific communication needs. It works for employees that have their own cell phones or the stores Blackberry.

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